Philosophy Book


I’m currently looking for a higher philosophy to simplify life. I’ve spent a long time searching for a way to navigate life, without the stress that I am so accustomed to. I took an interest in Stoicism not long ago, and recently stumbled upon Taoism. I realized very quickly that Taoism and Stoicism can be combined to inform each other, and allow for a life of purpose to take hold.


Stoicism and Taoism both revolve around the idea of a “way” of a “nature”. A way, being a natural order or behavior, and “nature” being the underlying tendencies / forces of something. Taoism refers to the Way of the universe, life, etc. Stoicism is your own nature, living in congruence with morality and noble being. Both agree that it is not up to the individual to control what happens, and instead that there is a natural flow of life. I seek to coherently join the two in this yet unnamed book.