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Programming Terms

Last updated Sep 16, 2022 Edit Source

# Application


An application is a piece of software that is intended to solve a problem. For example, solving the problem of “How do I browse the websites”, we have a Web Browser (like Google Chrome).

# Platform

Platform is either an application that “connects things” (drivers with riders: Uber), or a set of applications that are all intended to inter-operate with one another (also called a Suite if they’re all installed on your computer).

# End-User

The person actually using a piece of software

# Front-end

The front-end is piece of an or that an actually uses. It’s the part that has the buttons, inputs, text fields, and everything else necessary to accomplish a task. Usually this is complemented by a .

# Back-end

Back-end refers to code that governs and controls the business logic of an as a whole. This is the realm that the user doesn’t generally touch themselves, but through the